What a Croc!

I am really, really enamoured of my new shoes. And slightly embarassed to admit the are Crocs. One of my very good friends lives near Boulder where they are made. She absolutely hates the things. I was mortified to confess to her when I got my first pair, but I had the excuse that they were a gift so I was not to be blamed. I did tell her how ridiculously comfortable they were, and what perfect beach shoes they were. But now I’ve done the indefensible thing of buying not one, but two new pairs of Crocs. But again, in my defense they are really cute and low profile, they don’t actually scream “plastic shoes!” and although I got these to wear around the house (note the matching pajama pants, and no Brits I simply cannot say pajama trousers, not only do you lose the alliteration but it sounds dumb–what on earth would you call them?) I’m now contemplating a black pair for work. Again, in my defense, I have arthritis in my feet after a childhood spent ballet dancing (badly! I was never the most graceful or coordinated kid!) so comfortable shoes are a necessity. So watch out England, I am entirely likely to soon be walking your streets in cheap plastic shoes! How very American of me!!!


7 responses to “What a Croc!

  1. oh dear lordy. Although they look cute, they’re still plastic … CROCS! meep! I’m with your friend. Poor England…

  2. Pajama bottoms? Would that do? Actually, it would be pyjama bottoms.

    But you stick with pajama pants – I agree that the alliteration is rather good.

  3. I have to say those Crocs are cute and I generally only like them for little kids or in the garden. I take it you got them over here?

    They have to be pajama pants šŸ™‚ I am with you on that one.

    P.S. Iota, I bought that laundry soap you suggested and it did smell a lot better!

  4. Friend near Boulder

    I have to confess that, while in Hawaii recently, I bought a pair of Croc sandles. So perhaps I cannot tease you too much. Did I mention that Crocs started in Boulder? šŸ™‚

  5. Iota’s right – it’s pyjama bottoms!

  6. So I noticed this week that the Taipei subway has special signs up now warning croc wearers about getting their plastic shoes caught in the escalator. There’s apparently a real danger there you probably never even imagined….

  7. hola! haha came across this post by chance and i must say those crocs are entirely justified! i used to loathe them myself, but then i needed really comfy shoes to stand around all day in so i eventually (god forbid) got a pair (besides, they were on sale! lol). and i must say now that my feet love them šŸ™‚ nothing better for the soles than these ugly babies.. haha

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