And the Minnesota Senate election drags on…

Yes, I am from the lovely state that makes the Bush-Gore battle over hanging chads look organized by comparison… Al Franken was declared the winner by a unanimous ruling of three judges, albeit a winner by a few hundred votes out of nearly 3 million cast–that’s 0.01% for those who think of these things in numbers. Now Coleman is due to appeal. Again. This thing is never going to end! And unlike the Bush-Gore battle, where it was important to get someone into the office of the POTUS, the Senate is humming merrily along with only one Minnesota senator. And increasingly I feel guilt over my not having sorted out my registration to vote in the election, which increasingly seems to support the idea that Minnesota is where I should have voted. Cause all the times you fell like your vote doesn’t count, in this case it might have. Of course, it’s absentee ballots at the heart of the appeals court claims, so maybe not 🙂


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