youtube and the UK

I was at the gym tonight and I caught the tail end of the crazy video for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and was mesmerized… seriously, I totally blame Madonna for the ridiculous trend of women doing suggestive dances while wearing leotards in videos. And it’s really caught on over here, sigh. (Although Cheryl Cole’s bottom sets a new gold standard, ha ha ha.) After I got home I decided to find the video and watch the whole thing to see if I had gotten an odd impression by just seeing the end (where Beyonce and co. mime like they’re riding something and smacking their own bottoms) only to get the dreaded “We’re sorry, this video is not available in your country” message. I had forgotten about the war over music videos and youtube in the UK. Because, well, I spend so little of my free time watching pop videos online. But I was sure the music video was out there somewhere. Back to my search results, and four items down is the link to MTV and the video, which played just fine. So exactly how is the youtube ban helping? You can still see the video, just not on youtube. And the point of this is … ? In the end, although the song is catchy, I’m just not into the video, either in fashion or in dance. Or I’m just getting old and very uncool.

5 responses to “youtube and the UK

  1. The very profound effect of the latest YouTube ban in China is that now you have to use a proxy to watch. Oh, and Chinese students waste a lot of time downloading their favorite Taiwanese pop stars’ music videos via proxies and transferring them to Tudou. But that’s about it.

  2. If you like Saturday Night Live, you might also enjoy the spoof they did of this video with Beyonce, Paul Rudd, and Justin Timberlake. Made me laugh out loud. I found a copy of it (which works in the UK) here:

  3. Alli, it was not quite that simple for me, I had to sign up for a MySpace Account and then search for “Beyonce Justin Timberlake Paul Rudd” but OMG was it ever worth it, I have tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard. When did JT go from being a boy band joke to one of the best comic actors out there???

  4. I know! And I promise you that you’ll NEVER hear that song again without thinking of JT and “the dancers”. I laugh all over again every time…!

  5. Sorry to pollute your post with this 🙂 In case you haven’t seen this paradoy. It was mentioned on news here a few weeks ago……x

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