In the last few days, I’ve spelled things in British English instead of American while iChatting with my sister (repeatedly, even though she kept calling me on it) and used “Cheers” to end a phone call with another UK-based American colleague. I’m so confused!

7 responses to “Britishisms

  1. I love saying cheers, although my granddad in law informed me that ladies don’t actually say cheers!
    Bollocks to that!

  2. The longer you spend in the UK, the worse that will get!

  3. I have lived in England for 29 years now (in fact this year while be the year I have lived here longer than in America) and sometimes I still surprise myself by using “Americanisms” -usually when I am stressed!

  4. Well, I’ll be jiggered. You’ll soon have this British English sussed, and then you’ll be really chuffed with yourself.

  5. > you’ll be really chuffed with yourself

    And so you should be! We’ll make a Brit of you yet, and a right good’un.

  6. Peter, I’m totally the same, the more tired I am, the more American and brassy and outspoken. It’s like I lose the ability to filter and fit in.

  7. Gobsmacked to think your sister should object to you speaking proper on the dog and bone, and hope the relationship doesn’t go pear-shaped.

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