It has been a full two years since the first post on this site, “Introduction: I moved to England.” And a full two and a half years since I actually moved to England and started writing down my observations of life here, which were originally recorded in a text document that formed the basis of early blog posts. 57,000+ views later, I’m still here, still sometimes confused or bemused by life as an American in the UK, and still writing about expat life.

7 responses to “Blog-iversary

  1. Congratulations on surviving that long! Are you growing mouldy yet?
    I am eight days away (I think) from my 3rd anniversary in the U.S. I love it in so many more ways than I expected to – and I miss the UK in weird ways too. Do you think about moving back?

  2. Happy anniversary, NFAH, and many happy returns.

  3. Congratulations NFAH! I hope that life keeps bringing you many wonderful experiences to write about!

  4. Congratulations!

  5. Keep writing and entertaining us.

  6. Happy blogiversary! Here’s wishing you many more!

  7. Very impressive. And don’t you find you’re learning all the time?

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