Ice, ice, baby!

My new fridge came today! It is still an under-the-counter ‘dorm’ fridge (I tried, I really did, but could not convince the landlord to knock out the counter for a full sized one) but at least it has a freezer that works, so this happy woman can have beverages with ice. The thing came with a single ice tray, the cutest little ice tray I’ve ever seen:


Eight tiny ice cubes can be mine any time I wish! Actually, I ran out to the store tonight and bought a full-sized ice tray–which just about takes up the whole freezer–although I also managed to squeeze in some frozen baby peas (my favorite!) and a box of fish fingers. I know. It’s crazy. I just never ate fish sticks as a child and now I love them! Off to enjoy a cold beverage…


6 responses to “Ice, ice, baby!

  1. My freezer here in Spain came with two ice trays that seem to be more or less that size as well. Luckily, I’m happy to report that Spanish refrigerators (though still about half the size of a standard American fridge) are quite a bit bigger than dorm fridges! Gives us a lot of space to store the yogurt everyone is so obsessed with. The Spanish love their dairy!

  2. I read this this morning, and then this afternoon I was out wandering around running errands. I realized I was humming something, and after a moment, I recognized it as this Vanilla Ice song.

    Do not expect forgiveness anytime soon.

  3. Fish fingers – the item I miss most. They’re just so much better than fish sticks (sorry, but I have to pass judgment along nationalist lines on this issue – I can’t resist).

  4. Iota – I’d take either if I could get frozen breaded fish products without bones. I bought lovely breaded fish sticks last week and nearly choked the first time I tried to eat them.

  5. If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it
    Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it .

    Thanks NFAH, thanks.

  6. Iota, have you found the brand “Dr. Pragers” (sp?) as they seem to be more like UK fish fingers than anything I’ve seen in the US. They’re in the health foods/vegetarian section of US grocery stores.

    As for the song, I was in a choir in high school where at one point we had a really great version of this song going with parts assigned to the various sections, we were better than the published version. John?

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