Some days, better than others

Managed to bend the frames of my favorite glasses last night. Can only sort of get them to sit right on my face again, might need to seek professional advice. Wearing one of my other pairs of glasses now; fortunately over the years I’ve learned that being a klutz (and one who occasionally does really, really stupid things like fall asleep while reading or watching tv) means that it’s not a good idea to have fewer than 2 pairs of glasses for when catastrophe strikes. Actually at the moment I have three pairs, which is great, although only one of those three has never been bent out of shape! Fortunately with time, patience and a bit of hot water, they can normally be fixed. Still working on it with this pair, and it’s a real shame because they really are my “Tina Fey glasses” — she has the same pair. Sigh.


3 responses to “Some days, better than others

  1. Not the Tina Fey’s!!

  2. Hopefully you can find an eyewear store or optometrist (they must have those in the UK but I don’t remember seeing one when there last, but I probably wasn’t looking for one!) to straighten them for you. There’s not much more distracting than having your glasses fit crookedly. Good luck!

  3. How did you convince Tina Fey to share the same pair with you? :p
    And readers would like to see a pic of yours wearing Tina Fey glasses. 🙂

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