Lazy blogging (but fun)

Yes, it’s lazy blogging to just post the top ten search engine terms that people have used to find you in the existence of the blog, but I have to admit, I find it quite funny. The last update on this was nearly a year ago, and although the “superstars” have not changed, the overall picture is not quite the same. Provided here with explanations for the more obscure search terms.

  1. cockney girl A song by Lee Hom Wang, an American turned Taiwanese/Chinese popstar who I love thanks to my sister, and I discussed the lyrics in a strange mash-up post after my sister and I saw Vince Gill in concert.
  2. cleavage women I blogged about cleavage and women in politics when my hero, Secretary of State H. Clinton, was still in the strong running for president of the USA.
  3. not from around here wordpress Hoorah! Someone is trying to find me!
  4. good things about england For anyone who wants to complain about my negativity, I note that “bad things about England” appears much lower in the search list, and not even close to the top 10!
  5. not from around here A general expression, surely, not related to this blog.
  6. English reserve My blogging about the apparent contradiction between this stereotype and the half-naked girls roaming the streets of my town.
  7. cell phone ads Another Lee Hom link, he is the spokesperson for my American cell phone/mobile. I swear I did not realize it when I bought it. But as this is the phone that has recently survived an accidental bath in a glass of water, I’m a fan.
  8. not from around here blog See above
  9. gusset plates These are related to the post that was top for many months, my engineering geek girl take about the collapse of a major highway bridge in Minneapolis, less than a mile from where I used to live; later I posted my photos of the gusset plates of the bridge that I finally located in my digital archives.
  10. women cleavage See above–interesting theme.

So the lessons? Porn always wins–use the word “cleavage” near “women” and good things will result. Compared with a year ago, the picture has changed in that the very “local” things have disappeared, such as the “Italian word of the day” which referred to a trip there in 2007. Fans of obscure Chinese-speaking pop-stars still do well even after a year of my posting little on the subject. Thank goodness my engineering prowess still shows in the “gusset plates” post although I try to not post much boring science-girl geek talk on this site. And at the end of the day, stats show that I’m still winning on “good things” rather than “bad things” about England. Score!


One response to “Lazy blogging (but fun)

  1. Right, except that Leehom isn’t remotely obscure – he’s one of the top-selling artists in Asia, which has a lot of people. Many of which can speak English. Heck, he even has a British fan club:

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