You spend too much time online when…

you wake up in the morning and you are looking for an email message that came in overnight but you’re unable to find it, because you dreamed you got it. It never existed. But you’re not 100% sure.

4 responses to “You spend too much time online when…

  1. Yes, you’ve got it bad. I caught myself thinking about what I would tweet while driving to work this week. For the first time ever I wished I had an I-Phone. I never thought I would go there.

  2. Yes, Twitterific on the iPhone is genius… I’ve only had my phone for a few months but I don’t know why I waited so long!

  3. I got Tweetie on my iPhone then ignored it. I decided I wasn’t interesting enough to tweet that often! Perhaps I should change that paradigm.

    I have rellies in Minnesota who are still trying to find my blog address let alone read my tweets…

  4. Yeah! I have rellies in MN who read the blog occasionally when it started but who have not cottoned on to the idea that it continues to be updated regularly… although I cannot complain as a large portion of my Dad’s family are at least on facebook now!

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