To my lovely waiter:

To the nice chap that waited on me at Pizza Express tonight,

Thank you for your prompt service. Thank you for taking my order less than 5 minutes after I sat down. Thank you for brining my glass of chilled white within a few seconds of when I ordered it. Thank you for helping me to get my food fast and clearing it promptly when I was done. Thank you for noticing that I was alone and clearly did not want to dawdle. Thank you for getting me in and out after only 35 minutes in your restaurant.

The 20% tip? No, not because I’m American, as I’m sure you could tell from my Barclay’s debit card that I do live here and thus I’m likely to know the local customs. No, that was for flirting with me even though my lipstick was almost entirely gone and I must have looked haggard after 11 hours in the office. You made my day in the way that sometimes only a nice member of the opposite sex can do.


5 responses to “To my lovely waiter:

  1. 20% – wow. Must have been good flirting!

  2. Sometimes we all need a bit of flirting. Especially from cute attentive waiters. Now if only he had been pool side in some swim trunks. I swear in my next life I am going to have a cabana boy.

  3. Especially if he looks like Daniel Craig in the James Bond turquoise trunks!

  4. Please tell me which Pizza Express you went to! I want good service!

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