I’ve missed my calling

Really, I blame authorblog. It was he who posted this story about a little old lady, past 100, and her use of facebook and twitter. Google around and it turns out this has been all over the recent British news. And I love, love, love it. I’ve followed her on Twitter, and had a great look around her care home’s website, which looks really cozy and like someplace I would love to hang around. Thus, my thinking I missed my calling, I’m spending all day every day with the wrong aged people. See, I adore “little old ladies” especially if they’re feisty, as this Ivy Bean appears to be. And my nonagenarian grandmother certainly is. I had at one point in my life entertained thoughts of being a doctor specializing in geriatric medicine; I suspect I made a better choice for me in that engineering is a bit less emotional, and I doubt I could have handled losing patients that I had grown attached to. But it’s certainly true that I look wistfully in the windows of my local care home when I walk to the gym, as I wonder if perhaps the little old ladies sitting there alone might like company. I’ve always been the girl who would rather hang out with the elderly and who is not so interested in the babies as in the stories about the 30s and 40s.

But hey, Britain has a cure for this: you can register as a volunteer on the “Help the Aged” charity site with the category “befriending”. That is totally the right type of volunteer work for lonely me, even better if I can make a “friend” who can teach me to knit! Fingers crossed that they do need a “befriender” in my area, as I really would love to hang around someone like the fabulous Ivy Bean. In the meantime, I’m trying to convince said nonagenarian grandmother to get on facebook, we could totally play long-distance scrabble (although I know she’ll always win).


3 responses to “I’ve missed my calling

  1. I had a patient who was 110 (last time I saw her), lived alone, legally blind, extremely hard of hearing, bossed her 83-year old son around (while he was still living), had a remarkable life and didn’t want to do anything her doctors told her to do. You would have loved her. I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician, then gave that up. I thought a friend was crazy for wanting to be a geriatrician. Found out I loved old, feisty people, too. I thought I would have a made a great social worker with the amount of experience I had, but I’m glad I never pursued that. It’s too stressful. Lots of nursing homes and assisted livings could do with volunteers, especially for the demented residents.

  2. NFAH I think you’ll make a fantastic grandmother one day!! Good luck with the befriending, it will be interesting to hear how that turns out. I have thought seriously about that as well, but I fear I might get too emotionally involved. (Not sure if thats selfish or not.)

  3. you’ll be awesome at befriending!

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