Ryanair and equal opportunity

Ryanair, the dominant low-cost carrier in Europe, had a policy for a time where non-EU passported persons had to check-in for flights in person, for a fee, because we were not checking in online. Which we would have done if they had not restricted the online check-in process to persons with an EU passport. Now, apparently, they have dropped this discriminatory practice and have started to charge all fliers for printing out their own boarding pass from the online system. Ridiculous, yes? Ways that Ryanair charges for flights while pretending to be cheap, yes. (Don’t forget, they are the airline contemplating a charge for use of their on-board toilets too.) Is this still cheaper and more convenient than flying a traditional carrier? Sometimes. Is it clearly a cost-benefit ratio balance that only the individual traveller can make and on any single trip? Totally.

One response to “Ryanair and equal opportunity

  1. I have never flown Ryanair, but after all the things they’ve come up with recently, I’m not sure I want to try. I’m afraid to get on a plane where I might not be able to use the toilet, and I don’t want to wear a diaper. We never have enough change in our pockets.

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