I realize I’ve not written anything substantive since my “Pond Parleys” thing about two weeks ago–always a sign that something’s going on. A good guess is that something busy’s been going down at work. That’s true in this case. I’ve had a convergence of deadlines and high pressure meetings in the last week, and in fact lost all of last weekend to a report that was due. Yes, that’s right, Britain’s been having the nicest weather you can imagine, and I’ve been stuck inside at a computer typing. Fortunately things are returning to normal, the weather’s gotten cooler and cloudier and I’ve gotten some things knocked off my to-do list. So back to blogging with some miscellaneous observations.

To the girl I saw when walking to the gym on sunny Monday: really, Ugg boots with short-shorts when it’s 75 degrees outside?

To the guy I saw on the Tube yesterday: I understand that it’s common fashion to wear a striped shirt with a pinstripe suit when you work in the City (although I don’t think I’ll ever get used to, or come to appreciate, the look) but when you took your jacket off it became patently obvious that your striped shirt was tucked into your underwear. Nice.

To the operators of the Tube and National Rail: it’s been nice and warm here. Warm, not hot. In the old units, it’s been mostly in the upper 70s, not exactly a massive heat wave. The persistent signs and announcements about the “extreme heat” and advising people to carry a bottle of cold water at all times and exit the train if they felt sick… it was all a bit much. Especially when the coolers at the station were all broken and there was no cold water.

To the major media outlets: again, it’s been nice and warm here. Something that doesn’t happen so often. But you, instead of letting people enjoy it, immediately start to publish shrill and dire warnings about skin cancer. It’s been a sunny few days, not it likely won’t be nice again for a while. Just let the locals enjoy a little bit of Vitamin D. Ok? Thanks.

To the BBC newsreaders, leading with “Five Britons were aboard a missing Air France plane” was a bit extreme in the self-centered news stakes. Surely it’s better to lead with the actual headline (Air France plane goes missing) and then mention the possibility of Brits aboard.

When I was in Brighton with a friend last week, he made the best observation yet: why do young British girls, when inebriated, all seem to adopt an exaggerated Essex accent?

I’ve ordered some portable fly screens to try and do something about the flying insect problem in my flat. I tried once before and it was brilliant for about a week, but the things involved taping the screening to the window frame with sticky tape. In this country, nothing should rely on sticky tape–the humidity is too much. Fingers crossed for the second attempt.

Well, I can procrastinate no longer. After a bit of a lie-in this morning, to recover from all the work done over the last week and weekend, I must get on with it. Hopefully this will be the start of my return to a more normal schedule, and that will include blog updates more often than every two weeks!!!


7 responses to “Miscellany!

  1. Ugg boots. That’s short for ugly, right?

  2. Uggs with shorts – I’ve always thought of that as very Californian for some reason.

    I remember somewhere reading an article about the difference in UK and US attitudes to weather, illustrated with newspaper headlines. I forget the American headline, but the UK one was “Britain Sizzles in the Seventies!” I’m sure the New York headline was something to do with temperatures in the 90’s at least!

  3. Yeah, I think in the UK the media makes a big deal out of any hot weather (although everyone else does too- my mum phoned me to tell me they were having a “heatwave”!) because it is actually quite rare, or used to be a lot rarer before global warming got worse. And in a way it’s good that they’re warning people to drink lots and beware of skin cancer, since at the first hint of sun british people will go out in as few clothes as possible (we have to, we’re not used to the heat) and sit in the sun til we fry. Or that’s the case for a lot of people anyway. Particularly older men who don’t care about sun cream and younger women who want to get as much of a tan as possible and would use a sunbed if there wasn’t actual sun.

  4. Why do people need to be reminded to drink water when it’s warm(ish) out? If you’re hot, you’ll get something to drink. Get a grip, Britain.

  5. I love screens! I think Im used to not having them then I go back to Minnesota (and mosquitoes) and I am reminded of what a great invention they are!

  6. I certainly saw a number of scantily-clad females with clear sunburn out and about in this latest heatwave. I don’t recall having seen anything like it in the US but I lived in states that had hot summers.

  7. To misquote Shakespeare via Lear, the fault lies not in the fact that the screens are held on with tape, but in the fact that it is lousy tape, so we are bug-tormented underlings.

    These screens do look better anyway, but humidity doesn’t degrade quality tape!

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