The local lingo

There have been a number of times when I realize that the most common “Britishisms” around are not the ones everyone talks about (lift, knickers etc.) The one driving me crazy this week is “instore” … most often in the context of the shop window sign “Sale continues instore.” So you get the meaning (inside the store) but you wonder why the need for the contraction.

6 responses to “The local lingo

  1. I’ve never noticed that they write it that way, but I’ve gotten used to hearing.

  2. I walk straight through the high street to get to work and back each day, so it’s hard not to notice the signs in the shop windows!

  3. I’m not sure if it’s a contraction or an actual word- if it’s not in the OED yet, it probably will be soon, since it’s used so often. It’s just to make a short, snappy phrase for a sign. Three words is perfect for a sign about sales, whereas “the sale is continued inside this shop” doesn’t have any impact or grab attention at all.

    I didn’t realise that wasn’t a word in America though. Huh. That’s something I’ve learned today! 😀

  4. The one that really rubs me the wrong way every time I hear it is “footballer” instead of “football player!”

    Expat 21 (Expat Abroad)

  5. Cant see a problem with footballers.
    BYW, I caught a glimpse of CNN coverage of D Day landings. What was the funny tune the US bugler was playing? It sounded a bit like The Last Post, but wasnt – it was like a dumbed-down version. Any ideas?

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