My new bathroom floor

Last week, when I was in the midst of work chaos and busy-ness, the naff green carpet in my bathroom magically disappeared, to be replaced with a gorgeous, neutral solid floor. Before and after:



Now if only I could do something about the hot pink carpet in my living room….


7 responses to “My new bathroom floor

  1. I am liking the new floor. I can’t tell from the picture, is it carpet? Maybe like a sea grass thingy? I just don’t understand why there are so many bathrooms with carpet in them, it makes no sense at all. The family I used to nanny for in London had carpet in the bathroom and it would get absolutely soaked and it never dries out properly. Then you get the stink and the mold…. it must have been some decorating fad, but it defies common sense!
    Would love to see your hot pink carpet 🙂

  2. A friend of mine is having a big store room turned into an en suite and she is putting down wood. Im not sure I would use wood in a bathroom either, but it sure beats carpet. Bleh! I bet your bathroom smells much better now!

  3. Yeah, I would not put wood in a bathroom either, I think tile or lino really are the best. My new floor is some sort of industrial lino and I love it. It’s been just over a week with the new floor, and yes it does smell better!

    I’ve talked to the locals and the carpet-in-bathroom thing was definitely an 80s fad, at the time it spelled luxury, apparently. “Luxury” that I do not need in this day and age!

  4. I told NFAH to lobby for a marble floor but she said it would make her feet cold in the morning. 😉

  5. Very nice, but doesnt it make your feet cold when you get out of the bath – I hope you are going to put a washable bathmat down!

  6. Looks nice. BTW, have you written a post on British cuisine, or would that be opening another can of worms? 🙂

  7. Amit, I’ve blogged about funny English food names
    But since I’m a vegetarian/lately pescetarian and I mostly eat things like Indian and Thai, I’m not sure I’m well placed to comment on the Brit classics. I certainly don’t do the roast Sunday dinners, and I abhor the ubiquitous British sandwiches:

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