Dear So-and-so

As I have been goading Kat into keeping her “Dear So-and-so” letters a regular feature on her blog, I somehow volunteered to take a stab at it myself.

Dear British Boys,

Seriously, cropped/capri linen trousers? Not a good look on boys. Fine on girls. Sorry, I think it has something to do with the footwear. Stick to shorts.

Yours helpfully, NFAH

Dear Mean Blog Commenter,

Why bother to go to the effort of posting mean comments on a blog, when you know they are unlikely to be approved and ever show up on the post? And seriously, you might want to get some help for the anger problem. It’s a lot of effort wasted to hate someone you don’t know.

Happy trails! NFAH

Dear Clueless people wandering the streets of England,

Has it never occurred to you that if you stop abruptly in the middle of the sidewalk/pavement it just might have consequences for those walking (quickly) behind you? I hope you don’t do that while you’re driving.

Bruised, NFAH

Dear British flies,

You are no longer welcome in my home. I will not wake up to your buzzing again. I have conquered this situation with my new adjustable fly screens.

Peacefully yours, NFAH

Dear people having alcoholic drinks sitting outside in the sunshine on a Friday afternoon,

Seriously, who is your employer? Are you hiring?

Jealous, NFAH

8 responses to “Dear So-and-so

  1. Awesome. I wonder if they are hiring myself…*ponders*

  2. Great job! Maybe Stacy and Clinton should make an episode in England for the boys who wear the capris.

    “What Not to Wear: The British Invasion”

    It could work!

  3. Dear NFAH,

    Please forgive this being so off-topic, but I know you love to collect references to other peoples’ blogs, particularly those of American expats living in the UK. So here is one which I hope you will find as amazing as I do (the author describes herself as a New Jersey lawyer — they sure breed them competent, educated and well-informed there):

    You’ll just love it!

  4. I don’t know, I think if they wear loose enough cropped trousers it looks alright. And as long as they don’t wear stupid shoes with them! Depends how long they actually are though.

    As for those people drinking outside on a sunny afternoon- lucky bastards. 🙂

  5. I’m always amazed by the number of I see in beer gardens in the middle of the day – I know not everyone works a 9-5, but it still seems like quite a lot of people.

  6. According to my daughter who has just returned from there, the dreaded boy’s cropped linen trousers are alive and well and currently all over the streets of New York. Bad taste is international, unfortunately.

  7. I write several blogs, and very occasionally get a comment with profane language, or that is very insulting of another commenter, etc. I usually send the person a note back saying something like, “I’m sorry that will not be able to post such a comment on my blog.” So far, none of these people have even bothered to reply back to me!

    Best regards,
    Expat 21

  8. These notes are a good idea. I could think of a few I’d like to write to… I think I would start with the stuck up school mum. Grrr.

    I have yet to see this capri boy fashion! I cant imagine my 6’5″ stepson (14yrs old) wearing these. If he does he will deserve the teasing he’ll get!

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