And now I have no flies

I am so very happy with the portable fly-screens that I got last week:


I have now solved a problem that is over two years old by finding appropriately sturdy, removable and effective fly blockers for my flat. With the actual summer weather we have been having here in the UK, this became a necessity, not a desire, as there was something odd about the light in my main/living room that seemed to attract a large group of the annoying, buzzing insects, who liked to fly around the room in circles. Hooray for (rather primitive) technology, as for approximately £50 I got three screens for the old-school sash windows in my living room, and can now enjoy the summer breezes without losing my sanity or needing to continually spray toxic poisons around my living space. Good for expat life? You betcha.


13 responses to “And now I have no flies

  1. I admire your ingenuity! After 19 years here I never once thought to stop moaning about the flies and go find a place that sells screens, even when I had only three windows to fill in a flat in Bethnal Green. Although saying that, the flat was so high up I recall thinking it was amazing when a rare fly would make it to us.

  2. GENIUS! I must buy these! With the blessing of a cold winter, most buzzing insects died off but the moment we hit May, they came back with a vengeance!

  3. Problem solved!

  4. Congrats on solving your problem! I do find it strange, however; I’ve leave my windows open all the time with no screens and the only thing that flies in is the occasional moth.

  5. Screens aren’t a big thing in Britain, are they? I really should follow your lead – those little flies that come in drive me nuts.

  6. It’s such a US/Uk thing isn’t it? My husband almost has a heart attack if anyone opens a door or a window without a screen on it. On the other hand, whenever there’s a fly buzzing around the house, I almost never notice it since I was brought up with them. Too funny!

  7. The way I see it, the relatively inadequate quick-and-dirty temporary solution from last year was a proof-of-principle bench test of the benefits of solving the problem permanently…..

  8. Funny how they are a huge part of life here in Aus!

  9. Ive linked to your yorkshire pudding post in my recent post–hope thats ok!

  10. I'm in charge

    Can you ‘have no flies’? Surely you ‘no longer have flies’? 😉

  11. I am JEALOUS! I have been swatting flies, killing spiders and squashing bugs galore, especially today since the weather is so warm and no one has A/C here so all of our windows are open….I long for screens to keep the bugs away!!!

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