Singapore arrival

I made it to Singapore last night, and managed to enjoy a cab ride that was much less terrifying than the near-death experience I had the last time I was here. Again I managed to snooze on the plane and I arrived in Singapore confused and tired, but not impossibly groggy. I was rewarded with this view on arrival in my room:


Much more centrally located than the last (and only other) time I was here, so this will prove to be a good trip. After making it to the hotel I had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant. Wait, no criticism, I’m in Little India, it was a Tandoori place and quite good! In fact, I was the only “normal” paying customer in the restaurant, the place was heaving with bus tour groups, changing over every 35 minutes, and full of women dressed in Saris and with the dot on the forehead, and with accompanying men wearing what looked to me to be white pajamas. I had previously only had an “authentic” Indian experience at a wedding in Hounslow, and no one was wearing white for that. Not the bride, and certainly not the male guests. Regardless, I’m glad to be staying a bit away from the convention centre, such that I hit upon this interesting piece of town. I also have this directly across the street from me:


It’s a good reminder of the sort “Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore!”

I toured around quite a bit and saw lots of interesting things today, but I have to work tomorrow so I will hold back on the full run-down until after tomorrow’s lecture, when I can relax a bit. Many photos to come. This is a very cool place, aside from the temperature.

5 responses to “Singapore arrival

  1. It looks wonderful! Have a great stay!

  2. That picture of the skyline looks amazing! I hope you have an exciting time. Exciting in a good way, of course.

  3. Fantastic photo of the city at night. Have a great time, soak it all up. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Good heavens: Indian people *actually* wearing Indian garb! What is the world coming to?

    > I had previously only had an “authentic” Indian experience at a wedding in Hounslow, and no one was wearing white for that. Not the bride

    This is hardly surprising, since white is the mourning colour in Indian culture.

  5. The ‘white pajama’ that the men are wearing is the traditional clothes of Indian men. Its call Punjabi suit whilst the red/white dot on the forehead is call ‘puttu’…different colours has different meaning i.e. if you are married, young gal etc.

    And the last picture of the building with a dome is called Mosque is where the muslim men pray on fridays.

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