And so it ends

There is finally a result in the Minnesota senate race. The elections were in November, and today is (well, over here in Southeast Asia when I got the news) the 1st of July. A senate term is 6 years, so more than 1/12 of the term elapsed while the politicians wrangled, the judges judged, the counters re-counted, and Minnesota sat with a single senator. Am I happy with the result? Yes, I grew increasingly disrespectful of Coleman as the charade wore on. Was I a huge primary fan of Franken? No, and I think the MN Dems could have fielded a stronger candidate in the first place. But at least this morning I wake to the news that the whole danged charade is over. It’s been a blight on American politics and a symptom of the modern era that a simple vote is no longer so simple. Now can we just get on with some actual law-making?

2 responses to “And so it ends

  1. Yeah, it was getting a little ridiculous. Just glad it is over.

  2. I thought that the benefit to the whole thing was delaying Franken’s arrival in Washington. Since Minnesota now has the two biggest jokes in the Senate (Nevada is coming up fast, but has a ways to catch up), who needs them there voting for bad bills?

    I can’t wait for the first time Franken loses his temper and throws one of his famous tantrums.

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