All the single ladies…

… and gents. And those who travel for work solo. And anyone else who wants to chime in. Dine alone in restaurants or not? I do it all the time, both at home and on the road. But I’ve been interested and surprised on more than one occasion to end up chatting with friends who say they have never done it. Never, like never ever? It never occurred to me not to do it. Yes I sometimes bring something to read, most often something for work but when travelling sometimes a local guidebook. And sometimes I don’t read, I just sit back and people watch. Always good when you get a table with a view of passing traffic, but even just the people in the restaurant can be interesting to watch. I even recall the first time I did things alone post-divorce, first meal out, first solo movie, solo concert. It just never would occur to me to not do any of those things if I was not with people. But I’m now intrigued and interested to hear what people think, am I an extreme outlier on this one?


8 responses to “All the single ladies…

  1. Yep, Ive done it. I used to go to the cinema alone until one too many people told me I was weird then I wondered if something really was wrong with me! When I ate alone I brought something to read or work on. I wouldn’t choose too grand of a restaurant to eat alone, I must admit. For two reasons–more fun to share nice food with someone else, and nice restaurants are more about the occasion so eating alone seems more odd.

  2. I’m a little suprised that you didn’t know how out there “alone” is, although less so for men than women. If your friends and aquaintances don’t clue you in the restaurant waiters, theater ushers and travel agents will be sure to leave you in no doubt. I say, ignore ’em all, if you’re comfortable and happy (after all, why shouldn’t you be?) then have a good time and never mind the nay-sayers.

  3. Oh how I wish I could do that sometimes!!! Before I was married I did it a few times, but as a fairly young woman it was often more of a pain as you’d get chatted up even when you didn’t want to. Defeinitely something that’s easier for men to do even now.

  4. I’m married with one, going on two young kids and I would love nothing else than to dine alone! When I was single (and had the time and money), I would often travel, go to movies, dine, shop, etc. on my own. It never struck me as odd or particularly brave. . . It was just living life 🙂

  5. I use to dine alone. Never really splurged for a fancy restaurant or anything, but at casual eating establishments, I had no problem doing it. I also went to the movies alone, but not really long movies, because I was always worried I’d have to use the restroom midway through, and if you’re alone you have to take all your stuff with you and then bring it back. My friends all do it to, as we had very different schedules and getting together was not always easy.

  6. I love going to the movies alone. I mean, what is the point of going in a group? It is going to be dark and you can’t talk anyways. May as well go it alone.

  7. I would never go to the cinema alone. I don’t like the thought of having strangers on both sides of me!I don’t think I would go out to eat alone either. For me going to a restaurant is about the whole experience… the people, the conversation and the sense of occasion, not just the food, so going alone kind of defeats the point.

  8. I dine alone all the time when on the road. It beats starving 😉 While single (and in some relationships, come to think of it) I thought nothing of going to the cinema on my own, either.

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