Dear So-and-So, Boston Hotel edition

Dear Small Town New England Pharmacy,

Thanks for filling my antibiotics prescription so fast, and thanks that it was only $28 bucks. (Let me guess the ER bill will not let me off that easy.) But you could have warned me that taking these horse pills on an empty stomach was not a good idea.

Recovering from the Lyme, NFAH

Dear Motorists Travelling Down I-89 towards Boston This Morning,

I apologise if the sight of me puking along the side of the highway was distressing. Believe me, it was not pleasant for me either.

Further Recovering, NFAH

Dear Colleague I had Not Seen in More Than Ten Years,

Great to see you. But did you really have to bring up all those things and people from the past that I would rather have continued to repress?

Scarred, NFAH

Dear Awesome Colleague Who Invited Us to Dinner at His House Tonight,

Seriously, that made my week. Being on the road is rough, and having a colleague let you into their life was way cool. And the fact that you’re a US-dwelling Brit and you and your wife are both expats made it all the more fun. And seriously, those were the largest lobsters I’ve ever seen. Awesome.

That little spitfire of yours, the 2.5 year old girl, should meet KiKi from the Bungalow. I think they’d get along handsomely.

Feeling like travels are not all bad, NFAH

Dear Fabulous Kat,

Thanks for the award, you’ll have to tell me how to make the picture show up. Then I can address it properly and pass it on! Miss you terribly–I swear in September when I’m on a three month travel moratorium I will be much more fun than I have been lately.

Anything you want from the states? NFAH


3 responses to “Dear So-and-So, Boston Hotel edition

  1. S’all good. I am sure we will have plenty to talk about when you get home! Have fun!

  2. Oh no!! It’s unfortunate that you got Lyme while hiking. 😦
    Hope you get better soon.
    And next time you’re in Boston, feel free to drop me a line.

  3. Dear Mich,
    You’re awesome. And smart. And funny. So that’s good. Sorry about the Lyme.

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