I’ll have my beer to go

Some things about the English pub system are just too good for words. I have mentioned previously how, at the end of the night, when a pub closed down they gave us plastic cups to take our remaining beer away with us, so as not to waste it even though it was closing time. That was funny. But today I think I had an experience that was even one better. My very favorite British friend was in town, and he suggested we go get a pint before dinner. Now I believe he said something about getting the pint and going out to sit on the grass, but I was not really paying attention to the details, as I was not 100% sure which pub he was even talking about when we set out. But we got to the pub, which was directly across from a large park (with plenty of grass to sit in) and it turns out that when ordering our beer, we were asked if we wanted it to drink in or take away. That’s right, folks, the beer is available for take-out, as it’s expected that you’ll grab it and dash to the park across the street. Even better, if you bring the empty plastic glasses back when ordering a second round, you get a discount. I leave you with the image of my take-out beer, safely out of the pub and in the park across the street. This is truly an amazing country.


10 responses to “I’ll have my beer to go

  1. I read recently that the government is thinking about making pubs serve beer in plastic cups all the time, to avoid injuries when people start fighting with beer glasses.

  2. Those British… how very civilised! It’s fantastic isn’t it!

  3. That’s actually really nice. Nothing like sipping a cold beer in the park on a summer day.

  4. There is another sort of take-away that many pubs operate, and that’s the 2-pint and 4-pint cartons. This allows you to take cask beer home. I have a 4-pint plastic jug, that many breweries/pubs sell that is an even better solution.

  5. Just noticed the plastic cup trend at George IV near LSE. They don’t let you take glass outside anymore.

  6. That beer looks sufficiently yummy.

  7. Yes, strange to think that they oppose using plastic cups for drinking indoors. I suppose the atmosphere is different.

  8. I should note, if it’s not obvious from the photo, that this was one heck of a sturdy plastic cup, nothing like the cheap flimsy things one would see at a keg party in college, if one admitted to ever having attended such an event…

  9. Add Savannah, GA to your next US trip – I believe you’ll be allowed to do the same. At least, a “ghost” pub tour we did on vacation largely included stopping at selected establishments to get a take-out beverage.

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