Dear so-and-so, Back in Britain edition

Dear British girls,

You look silly enough when you wear those footless tights as though they were actually a suitable replacement for trousers, but can I just say how much goofier they look when you pair them with cowboy boots or Uggs?

Your voice of fashion reason, NFAH

Dear British boys,

I know you must think your overgrown messy hairstyles are cute, and somehow rock-star chic, but they actually just look messy and overgrown.

Get a haircut (and boy do I sound old), NFAH

Dear repairman,

While I was delighted to discover that the cleaners had noted the burned out lightbulb in my kitchen, I was mortified to find you in my flat changing the bulb on a Friday afternoon when the dishes weren’t done and the place was generally just a tip. Now you know the truth about how I really live when I don’t think anyone will be entering my flat…

I’ll try to do better, NFAH

Dear Kat and Kiki,

Thanks for taking time out from the bungalow to visit me for lunch. Sorry if I looked slightly panicked when asked where in town we could eat that was kid friendly–just not a question I’ve had before! But hooray for the waitress that didn’t flinch when Kiki finished her soda and immediately handed the glass over, saying “all done!” Priceless.

I forgot to give you your magnets from Singapore and Australia, so I’ll have to see you again soon, NFAH


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