Apparently, and I say apparently because I have no personal knowledge, Starbucks is marketing a new instant coffee called “Via” which is, clearly to those of us living in the UK, pure evil. Instant coffee = not an excuse for real coffee. Stop now. England is already full of people who do not know the taste of real coffee or the difference between real coffee and instant, so we do not need to play this game. Coffee? Yes, I’m a coffee nut and I’ll have a real coffee every time.


13 responses to “Coffee

  1. Sadly, it’s true. They even had a big promotion back here in the States where you could get it for free…or something like that. Needless to say I didn’t participate. I have yet to find decent coffee in the UK (and the Gent is no help,
    with the half-caff b.s. that is years old by now… Well, enough for that rant. Have a wonderful weekend – I’m off to the Twin Cities for probably the last time before I leave! (lived in Mpls for 4 years!)

  2. Starbucks, you got some ‘splainin’ to dooooo!

  3. @Miss America It’ s rare, but good coffee can be had here. Many expats seem to think that Monmouth is decent.

  4. @Mike – Thank you thank you thank you! I will most definitely give it a try. Happy Friday!

  5. Isn’t it unwise launching something with that name? All the viagra jokes? Or is that just free publicity and a way to get everyone talking about it?

  6. I was a huge coffee aficionado in the States but I slowly surrendered after moving here. Now I just drink instant.

  7. Unfortunately I had to pop in twice that weekend (road trip fuel) that they had the “free cup of via get free coffee” promotion Miss A was taking about and both times was practically mauled upon entering the door and very nearly harassed when said no!

  8. I just got back from a two week stint in the States and saw these ads EVERYWHERE. I’m with you, NFAH, coffee snob all the way. Give me something that started it’s life as an espresso, or there’s gonna be trouble…

    Well, not trouble – I’ll just drink tea instead…

  9. I prefer instant to the real stuff because the real stuff (especially Starbucks) is just too strong. I was quite excited when Via came out but it didn’t seem any different from any of the other instants. Doesn’t seem to have taken on here at all.

  10. Sorry – just had to tell you that when I posted my correction above, I was slapped on the wrists with a little message saying “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down!”. Very sorry!

  11. I love Dunkin Donuts too that’s why I wrote about my love for their coffee..

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