I need a costume for Hallowe’en

I have the most random of Hallowe’en plans, which is that I’m going to a party at the Australian embassy in Paris. Yep. That’s me; Ms. International. But it’s going to be hard to top the costumed performance of my sister last weekend. She lives in China, as some of you may know, and she has a bit of a ‘Mando-pop’ obsession. As do I, now that she’s been feeding me things to listen to. I love music that’s good no matter what the genre, and some Mando-pop certainly qualifies (Leehom anyone?)

Over the weekend, my dear sis went to a concert for the band ‘Sodagreen’ in Shanghai and apparently managed to attract more than just a bit of attention.



Now I can highly recommend Sodagreen as a band, as silly as the name sounds, it’s some of the most innovative music I’ve heard in a while–combining pop music with classical themes, and I’m hooked. Yes, I’m hooked on Chinese pop music. Welcome to expat life. It’s a bit random and global. But you can see the whole lime green hair thing. So then we have my sister at the concert:



These images were taken from a Chinese chat website or similar, where apparently my sister had become famous for wandering around Shanghai as an Anglo wearing a lime green wig. She tells me the comments are on the order of, “I spotted her on the subway” and she also appeared on the jumbo-tron during the bid for an encore, so clearly she became a ’15 minutes of fame’ local celebrity in Shanghai. The full concert story is archived on a blog from her friend here, along with this photo:


Now two things are true. I have never been as creative as my sis, and I absolutely adore that she was wandering around Shanghai in this wig. And using it as part of a greater plan to be the lead singer of Sodagreen for Halloween. Second thing, I still don’t have a costume for Hallowe’en and I need help, being not as creative as my sis I’m a bit baffled at the moment.

Oh and maybe a third thing, I can’t wait until spring break when I’m going to China to see my sister’s life in person! Planning must commence immediately…

4 responses to “I need a costume for Hallowe’en

  1. Your plans sound like such fun! Any holiday is a perfect excuse to give Paris a visit!

  2. (posted by NFAH on behalf of her sister, who is stuck behind the great firewall of China)

    Hah! If I could get onto your blog to comment, I would note that the “message board” where the pictures were posted was part of a larger sodagreen fan area, and the title of the thread is something like, “there was a foreign girl at the concert who was crazy and wore a green wig, I’m looking for a picture.”

    I’d also argue that “sodagreen” is actually a great name for a band – it not only translates easily and logically back and forth between Chinese and English, but it is google-able, a test that a scary amount of bands fail (and which can make news on them almost impossible to find – have you ever tried to search the internet for information on “The National”? “Seriously”? “Fusion”? Heck, even “Mayday” is problematic – in both Chinese and English).

    Additionally, I’d like to express my shock that you didn’t link to any sodagreen songs. Their latest album was even recorded in London this past summer!

    And finally, I still say that for a Halloween party at the Australian Embassy, you cannot go wrong dressing as a jar of Vegemite.

  3. Your sis sounds ace! How cool is that becoming known as the crazy anglo girl who wears a green wig! If I could get away with doing that in Essex I might just try it. It was bad enough that I wore my old painting trousers out in public recently (the problem was not the paint but the safety pin holding the fly shut!).

    Have a great Halloween, I love Paris and your plans sound fab!

  4. NFAH — sounds like you have an amazing party to go to. I, myself, am headed to West Hollywood to party it up with the gay revellers. I am going as part of a group costume of the Clue characters. I’m a female Prof. Plum. I second the idea of Vegimite!

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