Good things about England v2

Following up on the previous post of good things about England (buskers) I bring you the latest installment: the British weather. I love the British weather. I know, it’s normally not something that gets complimented about this country. But let me try to explain. When I lived in the US, both in Minnesota and Virginia, I had to check the weather forecasts all the time. Daily. I had bookmarked, and I don’t have bookmarked here. Why? I just don’t need to. It is relatively mild here year-round, and the daily changes don’t require nearly as much planning as the 20-30 degree swings I’m used to experiencing. I notice that it starts to get gradually colder as fall proceeds, but I don’t find myself in a dire situation if I haven’t been memorizing the five day forecast. I do try to keep an umbrella in my bag at all times for the infamous English rain, but I don’t otherwise think much about the weather. It’s one thing I can count on. And when it does get ‘cold’ here, it doesn’t get Minnesota cold. And with the rare exception (which this summer I missed, as I was in Singapore in the one week it was hot in England) it does not get Virginia hot here either. Overall it stays relatively mild and unchangeable. Which leads me to wonder, as ever, why the Brits are infamous for talking about the weather–talking about something that is reasonably uneventful and not worthy of the extra words. Kate Fox claims it’s just the universal ice-breaker here, but I can imagine better ones. Regardless, the weather is definitely one of my favorite things about my adopted country.


10 responses to “Good things about England v2

  1. I think the people who moan probably remember the not too distant past when we had snow in the winter, even a flourishing ski-ing industry, and long warm dry summers. Now that fact that we cannot tell one season from another IS what we moan about, never bloody happy us ๐Ÿ™‚

    Any hint that it MIGHT snow, or it MIGHT shine is news to be spread and shared.

    There’s a lot of berries on the trees right now, which you may already know predicts a hard winter. Now we can all discuss it for the next 3 months, it’s impending arrival, any signs it might be here any day now… maybe next week? Followed by the inevitable, well so much for THAT lol!

  2. Great blog! I love *meeting* other single American women who’ve made the jump for the work/adventure/just because we can ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re kinda scarce on the ground.

    I also totally agree with not getting the obsession with the weather over *here*. I’m in Ireland but it’s exactly the same thing – it’s the main topic and fastest way of gettiing a conversation going with a stranger, but given how really not-extreme the weather really is, usually everyone else is complaining about the weather except me. It beats North Carolina’s thunder showers, tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes!

  3. I’m glad you like it!

    It’s going to be nearly 70 degrees here today, and last week it was only just in the 50s. Amazing ranges, not only between the seasons, but from one day to the next. In some ways I like that but in some ways I miss the temperateness you talk about.

  4. Yes, the weather. Almost everyone I meet says, “Don’t you just hate the weather here?” and I tell them, “Spend 46 years in upstate NY and you’ll think it’s paradise.”

    Great post. Keep at it; there are many more things to like – except Marmite.

  5. I like the green grass in winter (says a fellow Minnesotan)!

  6. I would do anything to not have to endure another Minnesota winter. Even move to England… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The mild and temperate nature of the weather in England certainly in the South East is, to me, very comforting. Especially as get older!

    The perception of American weather that people have here seems to be enirely based on visits to Florida

  8. I love British weather too! I’m American, hubby’s a Londoner. We live in States now but when we lived in London I was – for a number of reasons – in *heaven*. Give me a grey rainy day, a good book, and a cup of tea. Ahhhh…….

  9. I can never understand why so many Britons seem to visit Florida. No offense to any of the residents, but in terms of interesting places in the States to visit, it’s pretty far down on my list…

  10. I never thought I would miss English weather (especially in the NE of England) but after 19 years in Chicago I wish we had the UK climate here.
    A few years ago I landed in England and the American pilot announced it was “63 and cloudy”, and then added “but then it’s always 63 and cloudy in England”!!

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