Dear So-and-So, Friday the 13th edition

Dear Anish Kapoor,

You rock. The exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in London last weekend totally blew my mind. Too bad about the poorly behaved little kids running around unaccompanied, though. Hopefully they’re not doing too much damage to your amazing sculptures.

Glad to be an art lover, NFAH

Dear Gordon Brown,

That thing where you pandered to the xenophobes and explained your plans to cut skilled worker migration really sucked. Believe me, we net contributors to the British economy (paying taxes and with no access to public funds) are NOT the problem.

Feeling like an unwanted expat, NFAH

Dear Person from yesterday,

Just because you’re a girl doesn’t make it okay for you to be checking out my breasts the whole time I was talking to you. My eyes are about 8 inches north of where you were staring, ok?

Not sure what to wear in public anymore, NFAH

Dear Everyone,

Do pop over and wish Mid-Atlantic English a happy 40th birthday today!

I’ll be 40 before you know it, NFAH

4 responses to “Dear So-and-So, Friday the 13th edition

  1. Hurrah for your comment to Gordon Brown. It is frustrating that NO MATTER WHAT INCOME YOU WILL BRING to the UK, that as of April 1st this year (just 2 days before I got my VISA application rejected due to a super minor paperwork error) you have to have a MASTERS degree to enter. Gordon Brown and UK Border people — you are education snobs and losing out on considerate income.

  2. Ya know…I would never dream of taking my kids to an art exhibit at this age. That is an adult thing or something to do when they are like 11-12 year old not for young children. FIrst of all, they won’t remember it that young, second, they won’t be interested long enough to quit acting a fool.

  3. I was annoyed by the migrant workers announcement too – we’re not all drains on the economy!

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