Guest post–The accidental expats

I have answered some questions about my strange expat life in an interview on ‘The Accidental Expats’ site. Please do go read the link and see some interesting factoids about how I ended up here as a stranger in a strange land! And note, thanks to Twitter I am finding intriguing expat blogs faster than I can add them to the listing, so please do not stop checking and please do remind me if you need to be added!


2 responses to “Guest post–The accidental expats

  1. Your comment in that interview about it being unusual for people to move abroad alone made me stop and think. I did it, but now I realize I don’t think I know any other expats over here who moved here on their own. They may not have arrived with a fellow expat, but they arrived to BE with someone. Hmm.

    • Exactly, everyone I know either came with a partner or came to meet/have a relationship with someone they had met previously. I came for a job. I seem to recall you moved for educational reasons. Apparently this is just not nearly as common!

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