My slightly unusual T-day

I have quite a few, perhaps too many, good American friends in the UK. But the sad fact is that it was impossible for me to participate in any traditional Tofurkey day rituals. There are many reasons for this. One of my good American friends is back home in America for the week, for obvious reasons. Two of my good friends have babies less than six months old. Another (Kat from 3bedroombungalow) was celebrating, but inconveniently located over 20 miles away and NOT on a major train line. My living in an urban center and having no car makes this a bit tricky. Especially since I had to work straight through until after 5 pm, so no big ‘dinner at 2 and the Lions on television kind of day’.

So my T-day feast ended up looking more like the meal Peppermint Patty shuns in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. (And props to fellow expat rheaj for Twittering the YouTube link for the Charlie Brown special, made my expat holiday.) I had a team meeting this afternoon. My team is a bit of a mini-United Nations and we’ve been having a bake-off. Today was Italy’s turn to provide treats, which meant amazing hard cheese with crackers, and some positively sinful bite-sized chocolate treats made with ricotta cheese and coconut. So my big T-day meal was Italian snacks around a table with my team, while I spoke on using web 2.0 features for engineering, including using blogging software to make simple websites and Twitter to gather technical information.

After that I went to the gym (which was open, since no one here seems to think it’s a holiday!) and grabbed a bite on the way home. I know I’ve ranted about sandwiches before, but this is different: no soggy factor since it’s made fresh to spec, and frankly something American seemed appropriate for the day. A subway veggie patty (toasted) sub:

Happy Tofurkey day to expats and natives, where ever you are. And if you have kids in the car, I hope they sing a rousing chorus of “Over the river and through the woods” which we definitely always sang en route to Grandma’s house. Happy memories of Thanksgiving from when I was a kid. This one will perhaps be memorable in a different way.

5 responses to “My slightly unusual T-day

  1. Gosh – you guys really miss it don’t you?

  2. MAN, I missed Thanksgiving this year!

  3. Ah, the traditional V-Subway Sandwich for T-Day dinner! But as you said, at least it was American 😉 Hope it provides happy memories in years to come.

  4. NFAH — sorry about the lack of tofurkey and festivity. I always romanticize the holiday and remember the good times and forget about the silly fight between my two aunts around the table and how one of my uncles drank too much of the wine. Haha. This year I am home in the US and missed the holiday due to swine flu. Blech! I’m determined to have a feast next year in England, though — to make up for it. Come to think of it — Subway veggie subs sound pretty good right now. I’m sad your day was less than traditional, but happy you are healthy and were able to have some unique treats!

  5. No popcorn? Snoopy would be aghast.

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