Dear so-and-so, procrastination edition

Dear Self,

You have had a serious procrastination problem this week. All rage will thusly be directed inwards.

I’m only trying to help, NFAH

Dear Self,

Stop going to bed so late. You know you’re not going to want to get up. The internet is really not that interesting, not compared with sleep.

It’s like I’m a naughty 13 year old again, NFAH

Dear Self,

You set your self a goal to get to the gym 8 times in a certain period. You made it 5 times. Better than 0, but not as good as 8.

Things still need to improve, NFAH

Dear Self,

I know some of the work that needs to be done is remarkably boring. That goes for housework too. But you still have to do it, just buckle down and get it over with. These little bursts of energy and inspiration to do things at 10 pm are nice, but are contributing to the “not wanting to go to bed problem”… just work normal hours like a normal person and go to sleep on time.

Tired of the “living alone means there are no rules” syndrome, NFAH

Dear Self,

I know you just found out that your ex-husband got re-married, but really stop writing about him. That was a long time ago, and you don’t actually miss him or feel nostalgic.

(Shaking head at self in disgust), NFAH

Dear Self,

You do realize you have to be in a car on the way to a plane in just under 12 hours and you’re not packed. Stop writing Dear So-and-So letters and go to bed!

You’ll thank me in the morning, NFAH

3 responses to “Dear so-and-so, procrastination edition

  1. NFAH — good luck with your packing and safe travels! If there is a get-together in the New Year, I’d be more than interested. And don’t feel guilty — the best packing always happens after midnight!

  2. You make yourself sound so sensible. Why don’t you listen to you?

  3. Hope you’re having a great trip.

    Thought of you today. Was buying some fabric, and the assistant said “do you want that measured?”

    In England, I’m sure they’d say “do you want that measuring?”, or “do you want that to be measured?”

    I may be wrong about this – why don’t you try it out on a few colleagues when you get back to the UK?

    Hope the insomnia/procrastination is cured by a good break.

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