Dear So-and-so, I love America edition

Dear America,

I love you. You make it hard for me to leave, with all your Target stores and your amazingly cheap restaurant food and your wide roads and modern conveniences everywhere.

Having the usual 24-hours-until-I-go crying jag, NFAH

Dear American colleagues,

It was great seeing you at both the conference and workshop I attended in America in the last month. Listening to you describe what our sort of job entails in America right now reminds me why I leave Target and cheap food and wide roads and modern conveniences behind to return to work in England.

Thinking my world would be much simpler if this was not the case, NFAH

Dear British Airways and British Weather,

Could you please cooperate tomorrow so I can get back to do the things I need to do this week? As much as I normally would not mind being stranded in the US for a few extra days, this most definitely is not the week for it.

Yours in hopeful anticipation, NFAH


7 responses to “Dear So-and-so, I love America edition

  1. I am kind of intrigued as to know what “your sort of job” involved in the US, that is so different to the UK version. But that’s probably a long story.

  2. I’m glad I’m able to comment again. The past few times I’ve tried, Firefox has crashed. Some glitch or other.

  3. Dear America,

    As your position in the world continues to decline against China and the EU, please could you make sure that your increasing population of economic migrants like NFAH are properly educated in history, geography, geopolitics and suchlike? And could you do the rest of of the world a favour and wake up and stop having mythological dreams about yourself?

    Yours with affection and as a concerned friend,


    • Dear Howard,

      How unnecessarily insecure you make your country seem.

      Yours with affection and as a concerned friend,


  4. Well I hope BA and the British weather cooperated and you’re back ‘home’ safely!!

    *sigh* as an American living in the UK these past 20 years, I wish I could be a polymath as all Brits who become expats must be.

  5. Hmmm. My eyesight must be failing me. I’ve read this post four or five times now and I can’t seem to find errors in history, geography, geopolitics or even suchlike.
    And I must consult my dictionary as the term “affection” as in “Yours with affection” didn’t seem to fit the tone of the comment.

  6. Howard — I love your modesty. Afterall, a man who has such high opinions of himself is usually compensating for shortcomings in other areas. Good thing you’re not falling into that trap, eh?

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