I Google You

I have been fairly honest, blog-style, recently in discussing the fact that I have recently discovered that my ex-husband (back in America, where I am not) just got remarried and my discovery of this information came thanks to the wonders of the internet. Imagine my surprise then, when I discovered that one of my favorite Indy Rock Star artists had recorded a song called “I Google You”:

The lyrics are here.

Said Indy Rock Star is Amanda Palmer (twitter @amandapalmer) and she is my current muscial obsession (anyone who can write lyrics like, “who needs love when there’s Southern Comfort and who needs love when the sandwiches are wicked and they know you at the Mac store” AND sing them in a catchy tune that I cannot get out of my head wins it in my book!)

The Google-y lyrics were written by her fiancee, the amazing writer Neil Gaiman (twitter @neilhimself) who happens to have a kid that works at Google. He also manages to beat out Stephen Fry in some polls of “British superstars who tweet” even though he’s spent the last few decades living near my home town of Minneapolis. It’s all so web 2.0 and so romantic. (And I’ve been sucked into it totally for the last few months but we won’t go there!)

The bottom line is as such: Amanda Palmer is awesome, and her music is worth listening to. I need to stop Google-stalking my ex-husband, although I keep writing about it because I just found out he got remarried and I even managed to score a photo of the happy couple. And Neil Gaiman is more than worth a read, although most people know that. And Amanda Palmer is awesome, and her music is worth listening to. I’ll stop now.


13 responses to “I Google You

  1. What a catchy song and soooooo true! You are not alone in the internet-ex-stalking. I think we’ve all been there at one point or another. It’s not pretty but it’s human.

  2. That’s so weird. A friend of mine just asked me if we had wedding websites in America – that tell the day, the gifts you’re seeking, etc. I said yes we do, and she said she found out that her friend had googled her ex, and found out he was getting married from their “wedding website.” Gag. Kind of makes me feel a bit queasy.
    Google can be the devil!

    • Yes, that’s approximately what happened to me–it was actually a facebook page for the place where they had the reception, and it had listed their names and the wedding date. And yes, facebook for the photo too. I can even report that he’s joined facebook relatively recently, because I’m sure I had checked several times before πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh facebook! Even tackier! You’re much better than that anyway!

  4. I think there’s a way people can find out who’s been stalking, I mean, looking for them on the Internet. Better watch out!

  5. It’s a difficult temptation because it’s always there, on the computer screen. Just a few little letters in that box, hit ‘enter’, and voila! And it’s not like the olden days when you had to humiliate yourself by asking a mutual friend. You can google all you like in comfortable privacy.

    • Exactly. And I don’t think I’m nuts to want to know how things turned out with him. We were married for six years. And we stayed friends for many (5+) years afterwards, until he got rid of our dog without telling me, right after I moved here. I was devastated, and no longer had a reason to call him when I was in town. Sniff.

  6. OMG – I am so glad that its not just me that does that. Of course its to confirm that I am much happier without them, and I love it when they put on weight, or marry a real moose πŸ™‚ Its those late nights when I’m alone in my bed, trying to remember why I love being single again that the google monster attacks. I can’t help it, and although its not healthy, I will probably keep doing it. Social media has a lot to answer for, but its also how I found out that one of my ex-boyfriends was cheating on me, so I guess it has its pro’s and its cons πŸ™‚

  7. It’s funny because I do it so unconsciously that when my boyfriend and I first started dating, he found me a couple of times googling ex boyfriends. It was totally innocent on my part, and I meant nothing by it…simply curiosity and stupidity perhaps. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen anymore!

  8. Im way to curious about everyone and everything to have not done this one!

  9. It’s an argument for only dating and marrying people with unusual names. Makes it so much easier afterwards.

  10. Extremely happily married and I still very occasionally Google old boyfriends – I am always pleased to see I made the right decision! As Iota said, unusual names help!

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