Baking, part 1

The fantastic ladies who work in my office laid down the gauntlet last week: “bring in cake because it’s your birthday.” One of them follows this blog and knows that I am almost always baking on the weekend, and apparently it’s been noticed that I have not been sharing the goodies with the work peeps. I decided I had to comply with this request, and that it would be fun.

I wanted to make a “Tunnel of FudgeBundt cake, because I figured nothing was both more American and more Minnesotan than that. But my local grocery store did not have cocoa powder in any way, shape or form. (?) I decided to stick with my imported Bundt (Nordicware) cake pans and compromise on the rest. And what they did have was a previously-unnoticed explosion of Betty Crocker goods:

So I made the Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix as per the instructions. And I baked it in my mini-Bundt pans:

Given the lack of cocoa powder, I could not make a typical frosting with powdered (icing) sugar, so instead I made a chocolate ganache:

It filled the mim-Bundt centres in a way that was not quite authentic, but tasted good.

And the American-style pancakes were excellent too:

The frosting is being saved for a future blog/baking weekend.

Thank you Betty Crocker, for all of your help, but now I need cocoa powder in a bad way. Because I have both the mini- and the maxi-Bundt pans here in the UK and I need to keep making some Minnesota classics, including Tunnel of Fudge.


13 responses to “Baking, part 1

  1. YUM! Looks delicious. Have you tried Patridge’s to find coco powder? I often use the Sainsbury’s brand and it works too.

    • My Sainsbury’s does not have cocoa powder, but admittedly it’s one of the smaller urban stores. I suspect I need to get out of town to one of the larger stores to find some, or get some Hershey’s shipped to me from the US!

  2. I had a cocoa powder incident a few weeks ago but finally found some in Waitrose on Finchley Road!

  3. My mouth is watering just looking at them!

    I can’t believe you’re unable to get cocoa powder at your local store, for shame on them.

  4. I had trouble finding cocoa powder too… I kept looking in the baking section.

    silly me…

    turns out I should have been looking near the drinking chocolate *boggle*… I buy Green & Black’s at Tesco.

  5. Wow! These look great! I finally just found cocoa powder at my local “Rainbow Foods” organic store. Low and behold — it was Cadbury’s brand Green and Black cocoa powder and works great in my chocolate cake and brownie recipes! Now if I could only find the equivalent of “unsweetened baker’s chocolate squares!”

  6. De-lurking….and introducing myself as a WI girl who loves to travel to the UK on vacation, but whose mind boggles at the thought of actually living there.

    @Rachel: One of my trusty chocolate cookbooks (yes, I have more than one) says that you can substitute 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder plus 1 tablespoon of shortening or oil for one 1-oz square of baker’s chocolate.

    @NFAH: If you get truly desperate for a cocoa powder shipment, email me. I might just be willing to trade you a shipment of that for a shipment of Cadbury’s drinking chocolate. 🙂

  7. Amy — you are an angel! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your recipe fix. Now I can make chocolate dumplings for my sweetie on Sunday! Hooray!

  8. You’re welcome, Rachel.

    Though, I have to admit I have no idea what chocolate dumplings might be – hope they turned out well.

  9. Yummy! Where did you get those individual mini bundt cake pans? I need some too and I can’t seem to find them anywhere online!

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