f00d pr0n

My sister has been visiting, which means we have been in the kitchen quite a bit. We have oddly both turned into wannabe-foodies, which is pretty odd given our midwestern upbringing and its decidedly unsophisticated culinary leanings. I don’t think I’ll risk offending anyone with that statement. As much as I love me some midwestern classics, when one of my friends has joked that I could win “Iron Chef: Battle Velveeta” or “Iron Chef: Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup Battle” he’s got a good point.

I suspect a few things are true. Both my sister and I live abroad and travel widely. We also both have jobs of a similar sort that are associated with job-subsidized housing, leaving us a bit more disposable income for dining of the sort finer than “TGI Friday’s” (again, not that there’s anything wrong with Friday’s). But we do have some good reasons for avoiding your classic multi-Michelin-starred French cuisine, in that neither of us eat meat and my sister has developed a dairy allergy. Thus, on this trip we’ve been cooking mostly-vegan plus fish, which is actually proving to be a remarkably healthy combination as far as I can tell.

And oh, I got a new camera. Oops. Anyone interested in a DSLR but needing something quite portable at times (as I do when traveling for work) should check out the new micro four thirds format. See if you can spot which photos were taken with my old Nikon Coolpix versus my new Olympus PEN.
Veggie dumplings of the Chinese sort, since Sunday was Chinese New Year:

Mushroom gravy, the recipe for which was on this site previously:

Today, if you’re American, it’s Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. If your British, it’s Pancake Tuesday. The Guardian is running a feature on “must have” tools for pancake wizardry, which includes many items that Alton Brown would scoff at as being useless unitaskers in a mulitasking world. I have to agree with him, whether American style or French style, there is almost nothing easier to cook with only the things that are normally in a well-equipped kitchen. But hey, it advertising special pancake pans attracts customers into the stores, far be it from the Brits to be any different from the Americans in promoting a holiday!!!

7 responses to “f00d pr0n

  1. Fab looking food for a couple of midwestern girls raised on velveeta! ow Im hungry. And I only just had brekkie. Moving to the UK has made me a foodie as well–originally because I realised I needed to learn how to cook if I wanted to replicate food from home, but then because I got into shows like Masterchef (the original one with the King of US expats–Lloyd Grossman) and I wanted to create the same kitchen magic. Its fun and a creative outlet thats different to writing. Interactive art!

  2. I am going with American pancakes w/ Aunt Jemima pancake syrup.

  3. This is fantastic! My sweetie and I are attempting to cut down our meat consuption to 2 days a week (sorry — we’re not vegetarians, but we’re making baby steps) because we feel that meat consumptions adds so much to the carbon footprint. We have been struggling with eating non-meat meals, though, and not having them all be “spaghetti with pasta sauce” or “grilled cheese sandwiches.” Would you be willing to email a recipe for those dumplings?

  4. Oooh! My wanna-be foodie-ness began before I left the US, but now it is a wanna-be foodie on a very limited budget-ness! Have you checked out http://www.smittenkitchen.com – it’s a great site with tons of baking, which seems to be a like of yours :-). Also, as I’m new to the blogosphere, I hope it’s okay that I’ve added you to my list of expat blogs!

    • Of course! I need to update my list, I can’t keep up these days there’s been some that have gone dormant and some that have started new. Thanks for the add. And also for the link–always love a good baking / foodie site.

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