I cannot get this out of my head, and I fully blame Kat (she sent me the link yesterday). What a commentary on America by a Brit (she’s Welsh, for the record)!


5 responses to “Hollywood

  1. I will fully take responsibility for my actions.

  2. Great vid! Well done Kat…

  3. I LOVE this song! I came across the video a little while back and immediately sent it to all of my friends back in the States. They were not amused, surprisingly. I don’t know when they started taking themselves so seriously…I guess we’re all growing up.

  4. Hello! (I found your blog while looking for something else, and have lurked for a day or so.)

    Uh, yeah. She sort of sounds like she’s doing a Lene Lovitch impression (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7VgDSNxlGU)

    As a song…eh. As a commentary….well, it’s not that hot there either. It’s a bit trite – just sounds like she’s watched a lot of TV about the US – sort of like a kid who watches the movie and writes their book report from that, rather than read the novel. I was expecting more frankly. It’s very 80s sounding.

    • I thought it was more a comment on Paris Hilton types than on anything else… is it uniquely American? Hard to tell– there are plenty of third rate reality stars here in the Jordan/Jade/Kerry Katona type… but they are different from the Paris type and what I think was in this video. I really do like the song, though, it’s been in my head for several days now.

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