Tuna pizza anyone?

I had to laugh when I got home from work tonight, Friday, after a long day, and saw this post from Rachel (@crustacean77) in which she mentions the strange British thing that is tunafish on pizza. Because I had one in the oven even as I read it. Not tunafish and sweetcorn, but tunafish with spinach pasta ‘stir-through’ sauce from M&S and 2 kinds of cheese.

It’s actually a favorite quick time-saver food thing of mine, to put some sort of sauce on a tortilla, with toppings and cheese, and bake it on a pizza stone. The tortilla gets crispy and acts like a thin crust pizza base without any of the work normally associated with pizza dough (especially when you don’t have access to Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust dough). Thank goodness there is now a regular supply of Old El Paso products (including tortillas) in my local Sainsbury’s to make this possible. But how I miss Pillsbury refrigerated doughs here in England! That said, I used to do this in America, with fresh tortillas (from the refrig. case instead of in the grocery aisles) and where the sauce was inevitably the TGI Fridays frozen spinach dip. Sure, not exactly a pizza purist-style like Margherita in the lack of red sauce, but a really quick and tasty version of the pizza idea with a wide variety of “use what’s in the house” options for sauce, toppings and cheese based only on the need for tortillas. And admittedly made possible by the Pampered Chef pizza stone to crisp the crust. (Takes me back to my days of being a married suburban housewife when I first acquired the pizza stone…) I actually cannot remember how I started doing this, I used to often make TGI Fridays spinach dip quesadillas in a frying pan (again I don’t know how I started doing that) so it sort of looks like a logical extension, and perhaps there was some Pampered Chef recipe that helped inspire me–the details of switching it to a pizza form now happened so many years ago (5+) that I can’t recall exactly what the motivation was. But super yum. With the spinach sauce and the tuna it’s a complete meal, and the fastest thing I can possibly make after a long day in the office. Two of these ‘pizzas’ made for a filling dinner tonight and reminded me of the goodness that comes from shelf-stable ingredients like tuna in packets (not cans) and jars of pasta sauce. I do, of course, consider cheese to be one of the four staples of life and always have some (coffee, bread and butter/margarine being the others).

Fitting that this little exchange over tuna pizza would have happened today, as I am heading up to Norwich tomorrow for the first time ever, to meet Rachel/@crustacean77 in the latest round of my “meet the bloggers in real life” adventure that’s been taking place of late. I will have my camera, it’s due to be a sunny (at least partly) afternoon and I’m getting an opportunity to check out a new part of England thanks to the magnificent train services that make it reasonably easy to get to one place or another! I shall report back, hopefully with good photos, after I return from Norwich!


7 responses to “Tuna pizza anyone?

  1. ahhhh my eats, i feel my palate burning! i have to spew, tuna pizza is FILTH

  2. Tuna pizza is a strange British thing? Well, you live and learn, huh?

  3. I remember making a tuna pizza for my housemates whenI was in grad school. They thought I was weird, but they seemed to like it. it didn’t look anything like their pizzas as with the topping on it it was about 2″ thick! In the UK I’d always used a packet mix for the dough and it took me a long time to figure out I could buy ready made dough at the supermarket!

  4. I looked a bit at pizzas named ‘American pizza’ on British menus, most of which bear no resemblance to things you’d get in the US. On this menu the ‘Miami’ pizza has tuna…

  5. Incidentally the post where I discussed the pizza menus was this one.

  6. It’s the warm pineapple on pizza (usually with a bit of ham too) that really makes me want to hurl. Uugghh!

  7. I loved the bit about the pampered chef pizza stone. I used to have one as well 🙂

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