Dear So-and-So, About to be a weary traveller edition

Dear person who was pounding on my door this morning and kept trying to enter my flat with the master key even though the chain lock was clearly engaged,

Seriously. You did that to deliver a cardboard recycling bin. You so could have left the $%£*^& thing outside the door.

Needing my beauty sleep, NFAH

Dear UK tax authorities,

This thing where you randomly assigned the start of the year to start some time mid-April is remarkably inconvenient for expats from sensible countries where the year starts on 1 Jan. And of course, I should not expect that there is anything so modern as an online system for me to sort through my pay stubs for the past year, it’s paper and my calculator all the way.

Tax time is the most annoying and time-consuming time of year, NFAH

Dear Car Service,

I promise I will not sleep through my alarm tomorrow, and thus not waste your driver’s time and efforts like I did on the aborted first attempt at the Germany trip two weeks ago. And fortunately for me you’re picking me up tomorrow at 10:30, not 6 am!

Gettting giddy to get to America, even though it’s work all the way and followed by the China adventure with no time to deal with jet lag, NFAH


5 responses to “Dear So-and-So, About to be a weary traveller edition

  1. For a recycling bin, seriously? Did he know the wrath of waking a sleeping NFAH?

  2. There would be severe ugliness if someone made that much of a ruckus over a recycling bin here. Wow! And I’m trying to decide whether to be jealous of all the travel or to feel sorry for you and the jet lag. 😉

  3. I think I would have taken that guy’s head off…I am NOT NICE if you wake me up without good reason!

  4. You should totally have smacked that guy!

  5. I’ve been wondering how taxes work out when working abroad; I’ve been in Beijing for about 8 months now and I’m still pretty confused about how taxes work out over here..

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