And off I go into the wild um east yonder

I have slept a total of eight hours in the two nights since arriving back in the UK, and it’s not like I’m even on US time: Last night to bed at 9:30 and awoke at 2 am. Was worried about a few things that needed to get done before I left, worried about packing, worried about sleeping through my alarm and missing my flight to China. Worried about BA–so far, so good–no cancellation text messages. So here I am, been up for several hours, got the first few crucial things done and will soon hop into the bath and then continue with the packing. Normally I find packing to be not too stressful, but then again normally I’m travelling someplace where I know I can pick up anything I forgot at Target. So this whole China thing feels different. And I was way too tired to finish a few key work things last night, thus the early bed-time. I planned to get up at 5:30 or 6, not in the middle of the night, but oh well. It is what it is. And I’m just going to keep packing and organizing until the car comes for me, in a mere 4 hours. I’ve mentioned it already but I doubt I’ll be able to get through to this blog (or to facebook or twitter, for that matter) due to Chinese internet restrictions so this is likely the most ‘off the grid’ I’ll have been in a long time. Should be interesting, and maybe even relaxing if I can forget about all the things that need doing… back 12th April. So until then, happy Easter and enjoy my favorite month in England!


3 responses to “And off I go into the wild um east yonder

  1. You can buy pretty much anything in China. Even without Target. (Though if you don’t have Chinese size feet, shoesay be harder)

    have a fab time. I lived in China and HK for many years. Am v jealous. Makes sure to eat lots of jiaozi and baozi

  2. Have a wonderful trip!!

  3. Well, I guess you’re already off on the plane- but if something crazy really happens and you just need to contact someone, my contact information is posted on my ‘contact’ section of my blog.

    I’m based in Beijing; safe travels!

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