Dear So-and-So, post-China edition

Dear Chinese taxi drivers,

Some of you were lovely. But overall, riding in your cabs was terrifying. That thing where you swerve into oncoming traffic to try to get ahead a few cars in the queue? Not cool.

Glad to be alive, NFAH

Dear Chinese traffic authorities,

How the heck is it that there is no discernible enforcement of any sort of traffic law in all of China? Speed limits, pedestrian right-of-way, cars driving into oncoming traffic, none of these deserve any attention? Really?

Again, glad to be alive, NFAH

Dear stomach,

We have been back in the UK for nearly 96 hours now. Could you please stop rebelling against this return to normalcy? I know China was full of different and interesting foods and the whole thing was a bit of a shock, but we’re home now. Please start acting like it.

Tired of feeling a bit off, NFAH

Dear Cheese,

After a nearly perfect dairy-free 12 days with my semi-vegan sister in China, I thought I could quit you. It turns out, I was wrong. More mozzarella, please.

I know I’m weak, NFAH

Dear Beijing hotel,

I know I was supposed to be on vacation while I was in China. But the fact that you had no hot water in the shower on the one morning I was to do a half-day or work, that was not cool. Not cool at all.

Still shivering at the memory, NFAH

Dear Chinese silk store,

I can’t help it, I found you irresistible. Now that I’m home, I don’t know where to put all the little silk wallets and iPod cases I bought… any interested readers, speak up! I can bring some to the May expat blogger meet-up!

Drowning in brightly colored prettiness, NFAH

5 responses to “Dear So-and-So, post-China edition

  1. lots of little silk xmas pressie….or birthday pressies, best friends…or a car boot sale????

  2. I won’t be complaining about Chicago taxi drivers quite so much in future!

  3. those taxis sound terrifying!

  4. Traffic here is ridiculous! I think the worst scare I’ve gotten is when my cab driver missed the highway exit, and then not only decided to stop (on the highway), but also reverse so that he could exit. I was sure that we were going to get rear-ended; but I’m here, alive to tell the tale.

  5. I visited Shanghai in August 2010 and I share the same horrifying cab experience with you guys….to jump queue over a few cars, the cab driver will blindly ignore oncoming cars of opposite direction and stick its nose next to the car first on the lane…scary…and at the Bund, motorists just ignored the traffic officers that r in the middle of the road…..

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