I am not a rock star

But I went to see one this week. We can thank the volcano gods, them that prevented me from going to Switzerland when I was supposed to, and them that put on a really crazy fantastic Amanda Palmer + friends show at Koko in London on Thursday night.

I still don’t know what quite sent me to central London (Camden) to see this show alone. My Amanda Palmer obsession, perhaps. A full review of the show is here. I agree nearly completely. I am, in the short time since the concert, completely obsessed with Bitter Ruin. They, and Melissa Auf der Maur were amazing. I totally did not get the Robots act. I’ll skip that and just stick with the things I understood.

I’m in the following photo, but I feel that it does not compromise my anonymity.

2 responses to “I am not a rock star

  1. I went to see her at Bush Hall last night, and am totally with you on Bitter Ruin. They’re fantastic. Georgia’s voice is unbelievable. We had Evelyn Evelyn as well, which was awesome, definitely worth seeing if volcanic ash permits!

  2. Sorry for the OT comment, but this might be of interest to you: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/26/us/26expat.html?hp

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