British jobs?

More than once, in response to Gordon Brown’s comments about “British jobs for British workers” I’ve heard someone snarkily comment “exactly what IS a British job?” I came up with a few ideas of jobs for which I could not come up with a non-British direct equivalent , and I’d love it if readers came up with more. Anything left in the comments will be added to the updated post and attributed to the commenter (with blog links, etc.)

Not from around here’s list of uniquely British jobs:

  • Office tea cart lady
  • Contractor specializing in repair of Grade 2 listed buildings
  • NHS death panel member
  • A-level test administrator
  • Bedmaker/scout
  • League table compiler (pick any one, schools, universities, investment bankers)
  • Red-top tabloid writer
  • Page 3 girl casting agent
  • Shipping forecast radio reporter
  • Fascinator maker

There must be more … What are your suggestions?


4 responses to “British jobs?

  1. Allow me to comment this interesting post..I am only half brit, and half Italian…living in Italy.
    My husband, 100% Italian, comments that the only real british job on your list is the tea cart lady…he worked in UK for 16 years….this is his mimic of the tea lady….”would you like a cuppa tea love?”.his English friends told him NEVER to refuse a cuppa, because he wouldn’t get asked a second time.

  2. Quality assurance checker in car factory, ensuring steering wheel is on right hand side of vehicles.

    But seriously… pub landlord, olde tea shoppe proprietor, Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Queen (though they have those in a few other European countries, I suppose).

  3. Iota is right about the Olde Tea Shoppe people – also counted should be the waitresses of these establishments who have to wear Edwardian maids’ outfits, poor dears.
    Other suggestions: Butler/Valet; Lollipop Lady (we have Crossing Guards in the US, but surely it’s all in the name); Owner/Operator of a chip shop (don’t know what they’re technically called); Tartan manufacturers; Beefeater; Town Crier; Ale Cunner (apparently, someone who tastes ale)

  4. I’m invertedly not from around here; being British and living in San Jose, CA, USA. There is an Olde Tea Shoppe ( in the local shopping centre and the waitresses wear the Edwardian garb – so that’s off the list. Also there are numerous fish and chip shops and pubs.

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