15 hours tick tock tick tock

Having been up in Newcastle for work since mid-day Tuesday, I am now on my “15 hours at home until I depart for Singapore” interlude. Nearly 3 hours already gone. Boo.

I have a feeling that Newcastle is lovely. Everything I saw of Newcastle was lovely, although admittedly that was not so much given the 15 hour days I was working while there. And yes, I know that some people would not consider a work dinner “working” but those people have not had to do enough of them, I do say. For after a long day, nothing makes one scream quite like a work dinner when all you want is some peace and quiet and solitude. Or maybe that’s just me. Who knows.

I will have to return to Newcastle and see it properly. I heard tales of bliss concerning wandering along Quayside and of castles on the nearby beaches, and frankly the nice cool weather suited me just fine (especially when working and wearing a black suit in July….). But this was not one of those trips. A useful trip, for certain, but not a trip in which place matters. Sadly Singapore is shaping up to be similar–I have so many meetings and events planned for the time that I’m there, that I do not anticipate doing any touristing in Singapore at all. Of course, I have been there twice before, but still.

Lest I waste any more of my precious home minutes writing this bit of drivel, I shall run now for dinner and suitcase unpacking-and-then-repacking because that’s the kind of week this is. I swear, come October when I have no plans to spend a single day away from this gorgeous new flat, I will be a very happy girl. Until then, I will be in Singapore amongst other locations across the globe. Sigh. Whoever thought globe-trotting was fun???

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