Beach holiday

I’m on my annual beach holiday, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Thus my silence, I’m enjoying the one time a year that I can turn off a bit. And realizing how European I’ve become in loving my two week beach holiday!!!

I’m walking on the beach a great deal and cooking many interesting things. Like things that require Velveeta. And jalapeños. God bless America!

10 responses to “Beach holiday

  1. Here’s a question.

    Would you trade your English annual holiday allowance for Velveeta and jalapenos? If someone said “for the next 10 years, you could either have the English holidays OR velveeta and jalapenos, but not both” which would you choose? I’m trying to guess, and I think I know…

    • I would love to hear what you would guess, because I myself am not sure. It’s the question I wrangle with all of the time–now that I’ve lived both places, neither will ever be quite “complete” for me. That said, my job is far more about getting things done than about a M-F 9-5 time-clock year-round, so the holiday thing actually probably wouldn’t affect me as much as some even if I did go back to the US.

      • “now that I’ve lived both places, neither will ever be quite ‘complete’ for me”

        Now, the longest I’ve lived in the UK at a stretch was 3.5 months (during which I did miss several bits of the US), but I can so relate to this statement. The 2-3 weeks I’ve enjoyed in each of the past few Novembers isn’t really enough time in the UK to start missing US things, but when I’m back in the States, I can come up with a looooong list of things to miss about the UK.

  2. I actually brought Velveeta back to the UK with me. And hot sauce. And Nestle chocolate chips. Hope you’re enjoying some US time!

  3. When you get back we are going to have a cooking spree with Velveeta and neon orange cheddar. It may or may not also involve canned soups. Also I am ordering a veggie cookbook!

  4. Love the photos! What did you use to change the borders like that? It’s very nice. 🙂

  5. Surely it would be the holidays…? Though if your job is flexible, I can see that’s not such a big deal as it would be for many.

    I simply couldn’t survive on only 2 weeks vacation a year. It would make life so relentless.

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