Life List Update

The news media here on topics of snow and cold keeps insisting that the weather has been rough for now three consecutive winters in the UK. I certainly can agree with this year and last year, but I was having a hard time remembering a big problem the previous year. So I was back in my blog archives reading posts to see if I’d complained much about the weather, and instead I found this post: “My own life list” which had a list of 25 things I wanted to do in life. On reading it, I discovered that I’ve managed to do several of them in the last few years, and now it’s time to update the list. So here’s the original list with deletions and a few new ideas of things to do.

Places I want to visit
1. China April 2010
2. Japan
3. South Korea
4. Prague
5. Russia
6. Melbourne Christmas 2008
7. New Zealand
8. Machu Picchu
9. Great Zimbabwe
10. Morocco

Sporting events I want to see in person
11. 6-nations rugby
12. Aussie rules July 2009
13. World-class cricket Christmas 2008 (again)
14. Long bike ride with mountains (a la the Tour de France or similar)

15. become fluent in a foreign language
16. learn to use all the buttons on my camera
17. organize all my photographs
18. get promoted
19. buy my own place
20. clean out my old files (hard copy and computer)
21. learn to play the banjo
22. take a full week’s vacation without checking my email
23. write a book (technical) Published recently, though not blogged about in the interests of my pseudo-anonymity.
24. write a book (general audience)
25. get to Friday and have gotten everything done for the week–carry an empty bag home and enjoy the weekend. Done just this week. Had the most worthless sofa web-surfing weekend ever, after having had one heckuva year.

That’s six things off the list, and a few more of the self-improvement ones are in process but not complete. So I get to add 6 new things for the December 2010 version of the list:

Places I want to visit:
1. Australia again. Uluru, Tasmania, Great Ocean Road, I could go on all night.
2. Brazil
3. Norway
Sporting events I want to see in person:
4. English football. Be it premier league or the local club that plays just down the street from my new flat.
5. Finish syncing and backing up all my files via dropbox on all computers and external hard drive devices
6. Sort out my application for permanent residency in the UK!

Six things off the list in nearly three years is not bad but not good enough… let’s try for a better performance in the next year or two.

2 responses to “Life List Update

  1. Here’s to hoping you come back and visit Australia again soon! Not sure if you’ve been to the Great Ocean Road on your last visit, but my site is one of the better travel guides for the region (if I may say so myself).

    Happy travelling!


  2. Congrats on getting some things checked off your list – and especially on the publication!

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