On dragons and bunnies

It’s my birthday. And I discovered this week that a fellow blogger suffers from the same humiliation as I do: having been born prematurely in January of 1976, and thus contrary to what you would think based on years of education via placemats in Chinese restaurants, I am a rabbit, not a dragon. Sigh. Read all about it via @unbravegirl here. And just for her, here’s a picture of my couch.

4 responses to “On dragons and bunnies

  1. Two things:

    1. Happy Birthday!
    2. I was also a January birth and spent the whole of my childhood thinking I was a horse…until I visited China to discover my snakehood.

  2. Happy birthday!

    Also, nice couch!

  3. Wow. LOVE the couch. And, really, I think this bunny-not-dragon thing could be a good thing. No, we can’t breathe fire but we can hop really fast and, umm, deliver Easter eggs. Okay, I realize I’m not making a good case for this. I will have to go research the more bad ass qualities of bunnies.

  4. Hmm – my daughter and my sister are both rabbits, and I have to say they do have much in common. As for me, I’m a cow.

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