More on cycling

I don’t always make time to watch sports but I certainly do follow them, especially things that normally are in the category of “other sports” in the US.  I was totally devastated that I was in Italy earlier this month when the Tour de France was in England; I might not have braved the crowds for the prologue in London but I certainly would have watched the stage to Canterbury–I even had an offer for company from a friend who lives along the route.

The great news, now that the mountain stages have begun, is that one of my favorites ever–Iban Mayo–is doing really, really well.  Read all about it on the Iban Mayo blog.  I’m just sad that he’s no longer riding with the coolest team in cycling, Euskaltel-Euskadi.  Oh well, the tour is full of disappointments, like Robbie McEwan coming in outside of the time limit.  (At least he first won the stage ending in Canterbury, again I wish I had been there to see it!)  This year’s tour is bound to wind up with new-ish faces on the podium in every color.


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